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Details really do matter!

When you peel away the aesthetics in a home; the paint, lighting, tile and other finish details, what remains is that which truly defines a home.  

Simpson Builders believes that the craftmanship of all that you can't see is just as important as the finishes you do see.  Mark is active on each of his projects daily to ensure his passion for quality is being met. Here are just a few examples of the quality he expects in every project:

  • Verify the required soil bearing pressure prior to placing foundation

  • Concrete meets required compressive strength

  • Proper quantity and placement of reinforcing steel in the concrete

  • Full gravel backfill on all concrete slabs.  No loose soil is used beneath slabs as it will settle over time leading to cracked concrete

  • Floor joists designed well beyond code requirements to ensure no "bouncing" floors

  • All interior walls coated with a primer plus two coats of finish paint

  • Additional floor joists beneath heavy loads such as large quartz islands

  • Proper placement and nailing pattern on all structural wall sheeting

  • Properly flashed windows and doors to prevent water intrusion

  • Brick ties installed as required by code

  • Ice and water guard used in all roof valleys

  • Lead pipe flashings are used as the black neoprene type will dry out and leak over time

  • Any studs which warp after installation are removed and replaced

  • Each HVAC register is positioned with furniture placement and aesthetics in mind

  • All interior trim running is poplar, no "press wood" is used

  • High quality, stain resistant grout that does not require sealing is used on all tile

Not enough technical detail? Contact us and we'll be happy to give you more.

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